High School Scholarship Fund Program

The Leak Street High School Scholarship Fund is a non-profit tax exempt organization. The Washington, DC Chapter sponsors the funds for the 4 annual scholarships awarded. Applications for 2016 will be available in mid-January via our website. Should you need more information, you may email The Scholarship Committee representative at: vckirby36@gmail.com

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Present Day Leak Street Educational And Cultural Center

The mission of the Leak Street Educational Cultural Center, Inc., shall be exclusively educational and charitable for the purpose of promoting the interest, welfare, and excellence of the Leak Street Community and all of its components. It shall provide help, directions and hope to improve standards by accelerating progress throughout the community through effective implementation of the Organization Improvement Plan, focusing on quality of life through mentoring, managing efficiently, and sustaining a culture of excellence.

After purchasing the original building from the local Richmond County School Board, a Steering committee was organized to begin implementing innovative ways to address the needs and concerns of the community. This committee also assumed the leadership role in the fundraising effort to begin renovations of the now, Leak Street Educational and Cultural Center. The original Steering Committee included:

James C. Watkins Honorary Chairman, – (Ret.) Assist. Superintendent/ Principal, Richmond County Schools

Leroy Crowder, Jr. President – Leak Street Alumni, Inc. Rockingham Chapter, Social Worker, Richmond County Dept. of Social Services

Sarah W. Hamilton, Co-Chairman -science Consultant, N.C. Tech Prep Leadership Development Center, Richmond County Schools (Deceased)

Bruce Stan Back, Co-Chairman, Counselor, Juvenile Court, Richmond County

Odis Johnson, Jr. Project Architect, President, Design Construction, Management Team, Inc., Clinton, Maryland

Wenonia Wall, Secretary, Counselor, Richmond County Schools

Azriah Ellerbe III, Special Projects, Teacher, Anson County Schools

Robert B Gaither, President, Washington D.C. Chapter, Leak Street Alumni, Inc. (deceased)

Vannie C. Kirby, Past President, Washington, D.C. Chapter, Leak Street Alumni, Inc.

In 2013, the Leak Street Alumni, Family and Friends, Inc. purchased the elementary classrooms building and the gymnasium. We now own the entire campus of the former Leak Street High School. Today, it houses several programs that provide services to the community. Among them are:

After School Nutrition Program

The After School Nutrition Program is a year round program sponsored by the North Carolina Food Bank. Students, ages 5- 17 are allowed to attend the program five days a week, from 3-6 PM. Upon arrival, students are given a full course meal, encouraged to do homework, and are provided with tutoring in math and reading. At the end of the day students engage in structured physical activity in the gym.

Project Focus

Works in conjunction with the local courts. It provides guidance for young people who have found themselves in trouble with the law. The program provides counseling and other resources to enable clients to see the need to make better decisions.

Restitution and Community Service Program

Serves juveniles who have entered or are at risk of entering the juvenile justice system. It provides educational and training opportunities in order to prepare offenders to be more responsible and accountable for their actions.

Summer Fun and Food Program

Convene in June each year and continue for 6 weeks. Students are given 2 nutritious meals each day (sponsored by the North Carolina Food Bank) and participate in fun activities such as swimming, skating, bowling, workshops, visiting artists, 4-H, and swimming. Students also visit historical sites, museums and parks within a30 mile radius. Culminating activities include: a field day, cookout, and talent program.

The community also uses the Center for programs, funerals, workshops, meetings, conventions, etc. The local technical college has sponsored a computer class for local residents.

The Leak Street School Alumni, Inc. accepted the challenge to improve the standards and quality of life in the Leak Street School community. And over the years, we have made a difference. However; we continue to set goals because with each generation new and different needs arise that require leadership, community involvement, financial support and action. The benefits from meeting the needs of the community will affect us all in very positive ways.

The Leak Street Educational and Cultural Center is crucial in planning, implementing, and managing community programs and services that will benefit the community.

Our future projects include:

  • Senior Center
  • After School Tutorial
  • Adult Basic Education
  • Computer Literacy Program
  • Little Theater (Adults/Children)

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